1) PRELIMINARY WARM UP REGATTAS 20-25.08.24: the winner faces defender of final prize. Besides the Women's and the Youth America's Cup Team will compete at the highest level.

Total 3 Preliminary Regattas, the first two with AC40 (in the picture) and the last with AC75

2) LOUIS VUITTON CUP(Challenger Selection Series) 29.08-07.10.24: Defender is Emirates Team New Zealand. It will consist of a Round Robin phase (league system). The Round Robin can consist of a single or double round, depending on the number of competitors in the race and the time available to compete. The first two teams qualify for the final phase. The winner will will compete against the defender in the final phase and needs to score at least seven points.

All teams competing against each other twice, the top 4 are qualified, the winning team chooses its opponent.

Regattas of 2 Hydrofoil sailing boats between the 4 winners of the Double Round Robin

Regatta between the two finalist of the semi-final. The winner of the Louis Vuitton Cup will face the Defender of the Americas Cup, which is the Emirates Team New Zealand.

AMERICA`S CUP RACE 12.10 - 27.10.24: The race without a second place, either win or you lose. The rule applies since over 170 years. Defender, the Emirates New Zealand Team will race against the winner of the Challenger Selection Series (LOUIS VUITTON CUP) in a 13-races match. Each race will be (DUEL) only between the two teams. The winner of each regatta scores one point, the loser scores zero (no points). The first team which scores seven points will become the Defender of the 38th America's Cup.